Center for Security and Defense Studies

The Center for Security and Defense Studies Foundation was established with the support and sponsorship of the ERASMUS Foundation for Democracy and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. The Center for Security and Defense Studies has been fully operational since November 1990. It is a non-governmental, non-profit educational and research institution, located and registered in Budapest, Hungary.

Latest news

Should energy be included in NATO’s agenda?

by Flore Perroquin Bachelor of Arts of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick (UK). She performed her summer internship at the CSDS.   Energy has become a crucial issue in the international security debate and carries “significant political and...

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Reflexió egy nemzetközi konferencia kapcsán / Dr. Kis-Benedek József

Az EUMED dialógus célja a Mediterránium és a tágabb Közel-Kelet országai biztonságpolitikai kutatással foglalkozó intézeteinek, politikai vezetőinek eszmecseréje. Az olasz ISPI | Istituto per gli studi di politica internazionale (Institute for International Political Studies) idén harmadik alkalommal szervezte meg a reprezentatív rendezvényt Rómában.

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